America’s Future: Despotism or Freedom?

Is it better to live in a pluralistic society rather than a Christian nation? This question has been misunderstood because of the myth of pluralism. Most believers today have been taught that it is good to live in a “do your own thing” society where “anything goes” because they think that protects their freedom to worship and preach the gospel.

For the past century, the progressive public schools have become value changers, and belief system changers, not just places of education. In “values clarification” classes students are taught that there are no more absolutes in our evolutionary, pluralistic world. This is not “values clarification,” but a replacement of Christianity with another religion. English historian E.R. Norman has observed: “Pluralism is a word society employs during the transition from one orthodoxy [religion] to another.”

Often the believer who finds the philosophy of relativism personally offensive gives in to it culturally. He does this because he has been conditioned by his education to accept the veneer of a “secular” culture as the norm. To complicate the problem, many Christians for decades have been taught that the world (God’s created world) is evil and under the control of Satan. According to this theology, we as believers are relegated to the status of mists who can only hope to be a marginalized counter-culture until the Messiah returns. As a result of this attitude, many people pre-suppose the impossibility of a Christian nation because they believe the above distortions. Both Scripture and history teach these distortions to be false.

History teaches that secular humanism’s chaos of relative values always results in anarchy which ultimately succumbs to some form of tyranny. Brilliant author Gary North observes, “The leaders of this staggering humanist civilization have now adopted the strategy of every dying civilization which has ever lost the confidence of its citizens: they resort to the exercise of raw power [force].”

Our century-long experiment with secular humanism has failed disastrously. If we continue to abandon our American roots for pluralism, we will soon lose all the attending benefits of a biblically grounded civilization such as the rule of law, absolute moral standards, a sound economy, a free enterprise system, a limited government, and any vestige of liberty that we still maintain.

Humanism’s bankrupt welfare state with its accompanying rampant immorality, narcissism and hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations stifling individual liberty, has completely failed. All of this is unraveling daily, leaving a trail of destruction before our very eyes. The good news is that our civilization still has a biblical foundation of law and a common faith in God.

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