America's True Identity

The American people, especially in recent months, have become uncomfortable with the direction of their nation and their government. It seems that a foreign way of life is being thrust upon them and they are longing for their true identity.

Francis Schaeffer, a leading Christian philosopher of the 20th century, said that America varies from Europe in that we have a Christian conscience that lies just beneath the surface of our identity as a people. The search for America’s identity and heritage is not a difficult one to tackle. Millions of people have begun to search for the “original intent” of the Founding Fathers as a start in tracking this lineage. That is a good start. But the full story goes back even further.

Our Founders constructed our documents and launched this freest and richest nation ever created on one foundation. That foundation was the biblical Christianity of the Reformation that had swept through Europe in the centuries before.

The true identity of America’s people and their history was clearly stated by Dr. Charles Hodge in 1876. He was an eminent professor and president of Princeton Seminary. Dr. Hodge was not hamstrung with the politically correct multiculturalism that stifles debate in our day.

He said, “When Protestant Christians came to this country they possessed and subdued the land. They worshipped God, and His Son Jesus Christ as the Savior of the World, and acknowledged the Scriptures to be the rule of their faith and practice. They introduced their religion into their families, their schools and their colleges.

They abstained from all ordinary business on the Lord’s Day, and devoted it to religion. They built churches, erected school houses, and taught their children to read the Bible and to receive and obey it as the Word of God. They formed themselves as Christians into municipal and state organizations. They acknowledged God in their legislative assemblies. They prescribed oaths to be taken in his name. They closed their courts, their places of business, their legislatures, and all places under the public control, on the Lord’s Day. They declared Christianity to be part of the common law of the land.

In the process of time, thousands have come among us, who are neither Protestants nor Christians...All are welcomed; all are admitted to equal rights and privileges. All are allowed to acquire property, and to vote in every election, made eligible to all offices, and invested with equal influence in all public affairs. All are allowed to worship as they please, or not to worship at all, if they see fit.”

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