An Unexpected Encounter

As I was driving my kids in the Jeep to the pet store, we saw what looked like a bad scene from "Occupy Chick-fil-A".

Turns out this gathering of tent people was the first 100 customers to camp out in front of the new Chick-fil-A opening in our neighborhood. Many were laughing, playing games, and handing out coupons for free food while wearing "I (heart) Chick-fil-A" t-shirts.

My kids mouths literally dropped open when we heard that the first 100 to walk in on the opening day get free food for a year! We were kindly asked to join the camp out in the drive-thru lane, but we were in our soccer uniforms and had tournaments to play.

With tickets for free chicken sandwiches and breakfast meals in hand, we left feeling clucky, knowing the famous, southern "Peach Shake Shop" had finally arrived in our neck of the woods to compliment the nearby In-N-Out Burger(see previous post) and achieve that critical chicken/ beef balance that is essential to every good neighborhood to flourish.