Answers to Power Grabs

America is in a life and death struggle for the survival of freedom. Many people are losing hope that we can ever restore our inalienable rights. What are we to do when faced with unconstitutional power grabs by our own government? What most people do not know is that the historically proven answers to this question have been documented by our Christian ancestors for over 700 years. The solutions to questions of power grabs are almost forgotten today. They are embedded in documents such as Magna Carta (1215), Vindiciea Contra Tyrannos (Defense of Liberty Against Tyrants) (1579), Lex Rex (The Law and the Prince [ruler]) (1644), over 80 American colonial charters and constitutions, thousands of founding era sermons, as well as in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

All nations in all of history -- except for those in the Christian law tradition -- have been dominated by despots or oligarchs who have impoverished their people, stolen their land, and denied their liberty. This has been true on every continent in every century since Ancient Babylon.

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