Antarctic Icefish: Cozy Below Freezing

You might be reading this outside, basking in the warm sunlight, iced drink in one hand. Maybe you're on the beach, salt wind in your hair, sunglasses leaving faint tan lines on your cheeks. Or maybe you're enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet moments of the morning. Now recall a time when you could find no warmth, when the cold grasped your bones and chattered your teeth. Do you remember that feeling?

Antarctic icefish happily live in the ocean waters surrounding Antarctica. The temperatures there often remain below freezing, making survival difficult for most living creatures. Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature than freshwater due to the salt's disturbance of water’s crystallization. Though the water outside remains liquid, the frigid cold still causes the water in a fish’s veins to freeze. Such freezing will prove fatal to any creature not prepared for it.

But no worries for the icefish. How does it manage to survive — and thrive — in such frigid waters? Just as one sparrow will not fall apart from the Father's care (Matthew 10:29), He carefully provided for the pale icefish as well.

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