Are You a Nehemiah or an Ezra?

nehemiahezramainThe Book of Nehemiah is particularly pertinent to America because it is the only book in the Bible which shows how to take something once great, which since has been torn down, and then shows how to rebuild it, the situation America finds itself in today. Therefore, what guidance for involvement does Nehemiah offer to the American Christian citizen?

Nehemiah sets forth three lessons to enhance our understanding of how to be involved in reforming society: (1) understanding the differing types of calling, (2) understanding the differing levels of involvement, and (3) understanding the differing spheres of involvement.

1. Differing types of calling: the book of Nehemiah, "to the surprise of many," does not have a distinct hero; rather it has two co-heroes: Nehemiah and Ezra. These co-heroes have different ministries: Nehemiah is an activist involved in "cutting-edge" activities in the social/public arena; and Ezra is an intercessor, spending his time at the temple emphasizing spiritual activities; however, both are invaluable to the restoration effort. In recent years, these two types of Christians often confront each other, with the activists (the "Nehemiahs") demanding that the intercessors (the "Ezras") get involved in public arenas, or vice versa. Such demands are inappropriate, for both are needed: activists need intercessors and intercessors need to find activists for whom they can pray.

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