Are You Making This Easy-to-Avoid Marriage Mistake?

Writing about marriage means you’ve basically got it all down and get it perfect every time ... not a single marriage mistake, right? I think we all know the answer to that question!

And, so it was, just a few days ago, I had to be reminded of something so basic, I laughed at myself. How did I forget that?

In marriage, the simple, straightforward things are often the easiest things to forget. When it comes to our relationship we need to remember: The main things are the basic things and the basic things are the main things.

Yes, I think Lisa’s awesome.

Yes, I love her.

Yes, I’d lay down my life for her.

Yes, etc., etc.,

She knows all this. So why was there a slight disruption in the vibe. I’m sure you know what I mean. Walk into the room and something just isn’t right – you’re not quite connecting. How did that happen?

We’d both had a busy day (are there any other kind, these days?). I just arrived home, said a quick ‘Hey Babe’ from across the room, dove into the next thing, and that’s when the disconnect happened.

Why is she so “off” all of a sudden? Did I do something?

But hadn’t done anything. I just walked in the door. The problem? It wasn’t what I did. It was something I didn’t do.

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