Are You Preparing Your Children for a Mirage?

kidsmiragemainWe all talk about what we are going to do tomorrow, or this weekend or next year. We talk about plans for our kids' college. We provide music lessons, sports practices, and vocational training. We have college funds and plan for things we want them to have as adults. We provide school to prepare them for the road ahead. We encourage them to be healthy. All of this is good and necessary, with one condition.

Do we also tell our kids that all that we are planning for has no more substance than the morning mist? Or do we give them the impression that we know what is going to happen tomorrow or the day after? Do we earnestly tell them that the tomorrow we are planning for is no more certain than a mirage?

The most basic truth your children need to know about tomorrow is that it will happen as the Lord wills, not as we plan. This means that we must realize that God will do what he has planned regardless of our plans. This is not the course of uncertainty, but of taking into account the reality that this world is God’s and he does with it as he has planned.

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