Are You Speaking the Language of Unity In Marriage Every Day?

She was like a fresh-cut flower standing in a glass vase without water, wilting by degrees as her animated husband held the room with his winning personality. They had a stable marriage, good family, good life, but if you didn't know all that, you'd think he was single. "My bedroom..."

"My plans..."

"My house..."

"My kids..."

"My vacation..."

"My money..."

We hear this all the time. With the wife standing right next to her husband, he speaks of I, me, and mine. But, it’s not just husbands. Lisa and I have observed that this tendency to speak the language of independence is as common with wives as with husbands.

And that's a problem because, it isn't your bedroom; they aren't your plans; It isn't your house; They aren't your kids; And, it isn't your money.

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