Asking For The Best

The word best is a commonly used word. But during Leap Year, best becomes even more common.

Leap years occur every fourth year. In Leap Years since the beginning of the United States, we elect Presidents, all of our U.S. Representatives, one-third of our Senators, and countless other state and local officials. Since the advent of the modern Olympic Games, the Summer Olympics also occur during leap years.

We hear the word best frequently! Who is the best candidate, the best swimmer, runner, jumper, skater, or the best ______? So, in this election year, this Olympic year, how can you use the games to teach your children what is best in life? Only one person can win each Gold Medal, but we all need what is best in life.

Another context for the word best is often missed.

God commands us to pray for his glory. He want us to bring every event, attitude, circumstance, action and thought into obedience to him, so that our lives will make his name the very best name of all. If his name, his kingdom, is considered the very best by his people, then we can give God no greater honor.

Someone might be thinking, “I am not sure I remember that prayer.” Well, you probably do remember the prayer, for it is the Lord’s Prayer!

The Lord’s Prayer, given in Matthew 6:9-13, is only fifty-seven words long. Its truth is clearly and simply stated. This prayer in Matthew 6 is a model, teaching us how to pray for what is best in life.

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