At the End of a Long Day

longdaymainSometimes there are seasons of long days. Night after night going to sleep is not a relief but a quick entrance into another long day. Our bodies are weak and our hearts are overcome with struggles that break over us like unending waves. Yes, sometimes there are seasons of long days.

In these times we long for another reality. And, in God's mercy, such a reality exists. In an exhausted moment we glance towards heaven and cling to the great truth. God is there in that untainted place lit alone by his glory. In that same moment we know that earth has nothing worthy of our desire except for the God who is there.

We are weak, tired, and overwhelmed with the daily ravages of the fall. Sleep beckons but offers no rest. Here in the midst of these seasons of long days God alone becomes the one who sustains my heart. I see that he is mine forever. The long days become reminders that God is my refuge.

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