Banned Sunday School Resumes in Louisiana City Park

A sidewalk Sunday school program for at-risk children will return to a Baton Rouge, La., park after the city abandoned plans to ban all religious groups from the public space. After the park commission adopted the ban, lawyers with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed suit on behalf of Voice of Mercy ministries (VOM), noting the rule was an unconstitutional breach of religious freedom. Under previous policies, the East Baton Rouge Recreation and Park Commission barred religious activities from its parks. But it didn't enforce the policy and permitted VOM to meet in Cadillac Street Park for five years. In March 2010, the commission told VOM it could no longer use the park because the group was too religious. Though prevented from hosting Sunday school in the park, VOM continued its work in the area, welcoming local mothers into its nearby facility for women struggling with substance abuse.

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