Baseball in September

There is something wonderfully Christian about September, especially baseball in September. It starts as something in the air. The heat dies down, the wind picks up, the leaves start to fall. One season is giving way to another, and in some stories, this would be pure gloom.

The Drama Otherwise

In some stories, it would mean that summer is done, and thus flourishing — signified in all the green — is coming to an end. It would mean that the pleasure of warm sunshine is vanity, that Winter is right around the corner, eager to remind us of the tragedy known as life in this world. That story is the age-old pessimism — a staple of pagan thought — that considers all things positive to be degenerating. As Peter Leithart explains in Deep Comedy, motion, according to classical viewpoints on reality, trended from good to worse. It saw all movement as intrinsically sad in the long run, including the changing seasons.

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