Basic Geology Disproves Creationism?

Recently David Montgomery, professor of earth and space sciences at University of Washington, wrote an article for The Conversation (which prides itself on "academic rigor"). In it this evolutionary geologist boldly proclaims that even apart from the evidence for evolution "basic geology disproves creationism." The article flows out of his book The Rocks Don't Lie (2012). He heads his article with a 1570 painting of Noah's Ark that looks like a floating bathtub, completely contrary to the Bible's description. That is just the beginning of the inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and the lack of academic rigor in the article.

He tells us that a slab of polished conglomerate rock on the wall outside his university office easily disproves the creationist view of earth history, including Noah's Flood as a global catastrophe.

What's a Conglomerate?

Conglomerates are rock layers composed of fine particles, sand, gravel, and boulders of various sizes that are more or less rounded, the sharp edges and corners having been eroded in the process of transport in water before being deposited and cemented together.

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