Be a Yoda, Not a Grinch

In the next seven days, Star Wars and Christmas return, and for many, it may feel like almost too much to handle. December's already the most anticipated month of the year with the first snowfall, the days off from work, and the time with friends and family celebrating the birth of Jesus. And then the Force decides to awaken again now. Along with the rest of you, still filled with the galactic wonder and nostalgia of a child born in the eighties, I'm excited to see J.J. Abrams's latest installment. But I haven't yet. Therefore, in the words of Master Yoda, "Not if anything to say about it I have."

Instead, inspired by the proximity to Christmas, I'm putting a light saber into the hands of the greedy Grinch and pitting him against the Star Wars hero of blockbuster past. In the end, the two may only have a green complexion in common, but comparing them really can be an exercise in treasuring the coming of Christ, and in living and serving more like him.

The Master and the Monster

Though arguably the greatest master of the Force and most skilled warrior in light saber combat, Yoda gave himself primarily to training younger Jedi, looking for every opportunity to invest in the next generation. At heart, the diminutive Jedi master was a mentor and teacher, always interjecting wisdom at critical moments. The course of history he changed, not by imposing his knowledge, power, and authority, but by going low to see others succeed and receive the recognition.

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