Beauty: The Undeniable Witness

Creation contains an astonishing abundance and variety of beauty that constantly surprises and delights us. Every individual tree is a work of art, yet trees come in an immense variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Each day we're barraged not just by beautiful sights of cedars, oaks, and firs, but by sundry smells of wildflowers and ripening fruit, or the sweet sounds of songbirds and rustling wind. The deeper we explore our world, the more beauty we find. How did all this come to be? Understanding creation isn't just about explaining matter or the complex moving parts of living things, but "added beauty." Experience tells us that beauty doesn't come by accident — it offers no obvious survival benefit, and many existing natural laws promote deterioration and decay. So what created and sustains the earth's beauty?

Of course, people might object that beauty is partly subjective, which is why it is not possible to give an exact score for the degree of beauty in an object. However, many aspects of beauty are objective, universally recognized by design experts who readily identify features that contribute to beauty, such as patterns, curves, borders, brightness, contrast, purity, and smoothness. Every architect, for instance, can prove that the United States Capitol Building has objective beauty because it has many beautiful features that are combined to produce a beautiful overall effect. This beauty is real, not an accident, and it points to a designer.

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