The When, What, and Why of Behavior

The heart is the seat of motivation. Think about it in this way. Behavior has a when, a what, and a why. The when of behavior is the circumstance for the behavior. The what of behavior are things that one does or says. The why of behavior is the motive. Imagine that I arrive home and find a bike in the driveway. I have to get out of the car and move the bike. Irritated, I go inside to find the child who belongs to the bike.

Imagine at this moment that you, the reader, come along and ask, "Tedd, why are you so angry?" I will probably say, "I am angry because he left his bike in the driveway. This child never listens to me."

But the bike in the driveway is not why I am angry, it is when. The when of my behavior is the circumstance. The what of my behavior is my angry outburst. The why of my anger is the internal motivation — my attitude of heart. I hate inconvenience. The why of my behavior is that I want my will to be done on earth as God's will is done in heaven!

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