Being Wrong Has Never Tasted So Right

A few days ago, I was sitting across from Kim, the most amazing nail tech, who has done my nails for the past ten years. And, she gasps, "What is that on your arm? I've never seen it before. You need to get that looked at!" I had no idea what she was talking about so I asked her.

"A mole," she said, "it's just come up in the last two weeks because I know I have never seen it before."

She, then, took my free hand and dragged my finger across the top of the tiny bumpy mass.

"Feel it!" she insisted. "It's bumpy, isn't it? And, it's irregular in shape. I know that isn't good."

She was right. It was bumpy. I couldn't believe that it had come up so quickly!

I had just been on a cruise and to the beach so I just knew that it wasn't good. Plus, I had sunbathed as a girl growing up in Miami and I hadn't worn sunscreen in earnest until I was in my thirties.

"Great," I thought, "it was just a matter of time until my wreckless, sun-screenless ways caught up with me."

So, I got home and told Phil, my husband, the whole story.

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