Beyond the Rhetoric: Gosnell and the Late-Term Reality

beyondrhetoricmain"It is a highly needed and valuable procedure."

That statement above is referring to late-term abortion. In other words, says, it is highly needed and valuable that deadly poison be injected into the heart of an unborn child if the mother so chooses.

This reveals a cruel irony of late term abortionist Kermit Gosnell, the man convicted of murdering viable children after they were born alive during his abortion procedures. He claimed the babies were dead before leaving their mother's wombs because his intra-cardiac injection had stopped their hearts, and therefore, he wasn't guilty of murder. A matter of inches in one direction makes it "a guiltless procedure," but in the other direction it's murder, resulting in the 72-year-old Gosnell sentenced to life in prison.

Those who advocate for the legality of late-term abortion repeatedly refer to disability and genetic abnormality because they think the stories of disabled children blunt the extraordinary brutality of murdering unborn infants.

Pro-Choice Colorado explains that their state is one of the few where a late abortion can be obtained. "Outpatient abortion is available up to 26 weeks. In addition, medically indicated termination of pregnancy up to 34 weeks is also an option for conditions such as fetal anomalies, genetic disorder, fetal demise and/or or severe medical problems" (NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado, italics added). The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice says that "on the rare occasion when a woman has a late abortion it is because the fetus has severe or fatal anomalies or because the pregnancy endangers her life or health" (italics added).

Misguided and Dishonest

It is a sad and horrible thing for a child to go from wanted to unwanted based on the measure of their health. And yet, despite what is said, most late term abortions are not done for reasons of disability.

This was true in the abortion clinic run by Gosnell. In most cases, it had nothing to do with fetal anomaly, genetic disorder, rape, incest or the mother’s health. And abortion providers know it. cites reasons such as a breakup with the baby’s father or loss of financial stability, or "numerous other situations that occur on a daily basis that may cause a woman to want to terminate the pregnancy."

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