The Bible is Your Family Album

As we engage our children with formative instruction we must have the big picture in mind. The following five perspectives are important to keep in mind as we undertake formative instruction.

  • Remember Scripture is our personal history
  • Develop godly habits
  • Apply Scripture to life
  • Model spiritual vitality
  • Grow into a mature relationship with your children

Keeping these five perspectives or goals in focus will give energy and shape to our formative instruction.

Scripture is Our Personal History

Imagine a counselor hearing a counselee's life problems and then charging ahead with advice, before asking questions to understand the background and circumstances of the counselee's life. The counsel given may have good content, but it will lack depth, and lasting help will be elusive. The same is true when we instruct our children without giving them the context of their history.

The Scripture teaches us much about the world we live in. It teaches us that God created the world. The Scripture teaches us about God's people in the past and how God's redemptive promise of Genesis 3:15 has been unfolding over the centuries. But Scripture teaches much more. Scripture is history that tells us about ourselves.

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