The Big Bang

How did this universe come into existence? Was it designed by God, and if so, how did He do it? Did God use "natural" methods to create the universe, or did He create everything supernaturally? These questions are central to our understanding of the purpose of the universe and our significance within it. Fortunately, there are answers. What Does the Bible Say...

The Record of the Creator

The Creator Himself has given a written record that summarizes His creative acts. Sadly, many people are inclined to ignore what God has said. Instead, they rely on secular philosophy to explain what happened in the past, and it contradicts recorded history and eyewitness testimony.

Can you imagine people applying such thinking to other fields of study? What if historians rejected recorded history and claimed that World War I never happened because their philosophy does not allow for the possibility of a world war? Would this be reasonable?

These days it is common for people to reject the possibility of a supernatural, biblical creation simply because they embrace the philosophy of naturalism — the belief that "nature is all that there is."

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