The Brain: Your Nimble Noggin

Let's hit the slow motion button on a memorable moment in your life. Imagine the last time you almost fell on a slick floor. While your body movements may not have won an Oscar for special effects (no impossible backflips in cyberspace), something more amazing did happen. Your brain kept operating the seemingly impossible way our wise Creator designed it to perform every day. Take a closer look at that near-fall -- just before you sighed in relief from a crisis averted. In a millisecond, your body sent an SOS to your brain that it had lost balance, your feet shouted that they were sliding, your eyes scoured the room for something to grab, and then your hand responded to the signal zipping down from the brain. In fact, it probably took you longer to read that sentence than it did for your brain to avoid that tailbone-biter.

In other words, that wrinkly gray tissue in your head is fast. Super fast. Unlike computer technology, which people often tout for speed, the quickness of the brain leaves silicon in the dust. Computers accept a string of human commands and spit out results, but your brain deals deftly with millions of signals from all five senses every second, making innumerable conscious and unconscious decisions at the same time.

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