Bring Back the Magic in Your Marriage

When my son was in third grade, he joined his first basketball league at a local church. We thought it would be a good way for our academic, Lego-loving boy to learn new skills. His team's name was Magic and boy ... did they need some of that! The boys dribbled, lost the ball. Shot, missed the hoop. At times, it seemed hopeless.

They didn't win one game all season. In fact, one game was so lopsided that about halfway through the game, they turned off the scoreboard.

But that season of basketball wasn't a bad experience. As I look back on our season with the Magic, I can count at least four lessons learned and you know, they are truths that apply for married life as well.

So if your marriage needs a little magic, why not review these four basic principles for success on and off the court:

1. There needs to be one coach. Can you imagine how confused Ethan and his teammates would have been if not just one coach was yelling from the sidelines, but TWO? And, what if they were yelling opposite instructions?

Talk about confusing!

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