Broken Promises

The political convention season is upon us. Every four years our two major political parties gather to nominate a presidential candidate. Promises are made. Hopes are raised. Solutions are offered. The throng of delegates cheer on their nominee. America’s future will be only be safe with a victory. And if the other side should win, four years of disaster are inevitable. The conventions end and the electoral dance begins. The hope of the country is said to ride on the outcome. Is it any wonder disillusion rules no matter who wins? The truth is the conventions promise what they cannot deliver. Try is as we might, the race of man cannot save humanity from itself. What the party platforms fail to acknowledge is that it is God, and not man, who writes the script for the future. It is God who must be served and not the changing whims of opinion polls. Power is granted by God and not will of the party or even the will of the people.

Repentance, not promises, is the hope of our country. Brokenness, not pride, is the mindset that will bring peace. Holiness, not self-satisfaction, is the soil for growth. Worship of the Living God, not the foolish groveling before imaginary deities and moments of silence, will bring safety.

Only God keeps his promises. Long ago, three young men were told to bow to a false hope and a false idol of gold. They refused. They looked not to a good outcome for their lives. They only knew that their God must be served.

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