Broken Rules, Broken Relationships

Biblical grace is the strongest possible deterrent to sin. For parents this means if rules become more important than your relationship with your teenager you lose the opportunity to display grace. In other words, a broken rule must not result in a broken relationship! In my life, the times that I have been most appreciative of God's grace are the times when I have been most aware of my sin. Is this true for your teenager? When you address their sin are you most interested in showing grace or reminding them of how wrong they are?

"Why have you, once again, not finished your homework, or cleaned your room, or not cut the grass? You know we have a rule, no computer unless your work is done."

"I don't know Dad. I will get to it but I had some other things to do."

"Other things to do?!? What you need to do is obey the rules. That's what you need to do. God didn't put you in charge of this house. Put your iPad down and get to what your are supposed to be doing."

"No! You can't make me. Why are you always on me? You take breaks all the time. Why can't I? Why don't you care about me?"

It is not hard to see where this conversation is headed.

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