Carpe Urbem!

carpeurbemmain"Wow, you sure do get out!" one of my local friends commented on a Facebook status. "In seven years, we haven't done as much as you have in seven months."

Sure, I'd pretty much scoured at least half of the metro Atlanta area. We'd been to the Georgia Aquarium, the Center for Puppetry Arts, the CNN Center, Centennial Park, the Atlanta Zoo, the Atlanta History Center, and The Varsity, to name just a few of our stops.

While my out-and-aboutness may seem adventurous to some, for me, the exploration feels normal. But then, maybe I'm a glutton for punishment; sometimes I drag a double stroller places it was never intended to go.

The things is, after living in four states in two years -- and yes, having four different driver's license pictures -- I've learned to carpe urbem. You know, "seize the city." I've figured out ways to make the most of the places, as Dr. Seuss would say, I'll go.

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