Caves: The Greatest Show Under Earth

Some folks like to call it spelunking, the British call it potholing, but I simply call it caving. And I love it! The world is filled with spectacular, easy-to-access caves that draw millions of eager visitors each year -- like the Big Room at Carlsbad or the endless passages at Mammoth Cave. But visiting one of these caves isn't the same as caving.

Caving means getting dirty, squeezing through holes or rappelling down cliffs to reach secluded spots that aren't accessible by concrete steps and handrails. By veering off the beaten path -- and carrying the right equipment -- we can enjoy treasures seldom seen.

As a believer and an adventurer, I expect evidence of the Creator everywhere I look. Job observed, "Speak to the earth, and it will teach you ... that the hand of the Lord has done this" (Job 12:8–9). Every cave needle, every gypsum flower speaks of God's awesome handiwork.

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