Charging for History

gettysburgmain"Attention, Brigade! Forward, March!"

With those words, thousands on Wednesday afternoon began a nearly mile-long trek across a Pennsylvania field in commemoration of the most famous moment in the Civil War's most famous battle.

The 150th anniversary of what became known as Pickett's Charge drew thousands of history buffs from all over the world for an unforgettable prelude to Independence Day. On the same day and hour of the July 3, 1863 attack, the crowd at the Gettysburg National Military Park walked in the footsteps of the Confederate soldiers who endured shot, shell, and shrapnel as they assaulted three divisions of the Union Army waiting a mile away on a hill ominously named Cemetery Ridge.

When they came out of the trees here 150 years ago, it was a watershed moment in American history. Troy Harman, a park ranger, told the visitors he led in the memorial march that the field was a part of the nation's collective DNA.

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