Chasing the Christmas Wind

Have you ever tried to chase the wind? The whole idea is absurd, I know, and so posing the question is a little whacky. Because really, who can chase the wind and catch it? (Answer: no one.)

And yet ... when I anticipate Christmas celebrations with extended family, I am sometimes guilty of chasing after the wind.

Because here's what I envision: hand-holding around the feast-laden table with heads bowed in genuine thanks to the Father; story-telling and reminiscing over rich dessert; thoughtful gifts exchanged in the soft twinkling of Christmas-tree lights; deep talks around the fireplace with giggling children playing happily at our feet as we all sip hot cocoa; board games and laughter while munching leftovers from dinner; hugs and wishes of good-will as we reluctantly say good-bye.

It's a beautiful picture, yes? But it's a "chasing after the wind." Because here's the problem…

My picture excludes the sister-in-law whose boyfriend drinks a little too much, who doesn't feel comfortable around the brother who is a pastor, who chooses to leave before the party even gets started.

My vision doesn't figure in the chronically ill niece who spent 80 days in a children's hospital fighting for her life, who very much wants to be together with family, but who will likely spend yet another holiday celebrating with doctors and nurses.

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