Cherished -- My Prayer For Her

It's not easy being 14. Especially when you're a girl.

And eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Hoe Down on Saturday night.

She had no trouble picking out a blouse or borrowing a western hat from a friend. But finding the perfect denim skirt? That was another matter.

Our daughter looked up at me with pleading eyes, "Please, Mama, can we go thrift shopping for a skirt? I have the outfit all pictured in my mind. Please....?"

Oh, how I wanted to help her out.

I mean, on the one hand, it wasn't a big deal, right? Just a Saturday night event at Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch. The Ranch of Rescued Dreams. But then again, it kinda is...when you're a fun-loving, teenage girl. And it's not been so very long that I don't remember what that's like.

So I honestly wanted to do this for her. But I couldn't.

My day was more-than-filled and I couldn't see how to pull it off. I tried to soften the blow and let her down easy. It's true, earlier in the week I had told her I'd take her. But what could I do....? Sometimes plans change.

I was searching for sympathetic words for the dear girl when I heard him speak up from across the room.

"I'll take her,” he said.

That would be her dad talking.

We both glanced over at him - somewhat surprised.

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