Child Raised Well is Notable Achievement

kidsvirtuemainLast week at a speaking engagement in Illinois, I asked my audience of parents to tell me about their kids.

Not just "tell" me about them, but brag. I gave them permission to boast. Pull out the smartphone, if they wanted, to show off the photos.

I had to cajole them into doing it.

Hard to believe, right? We're a society that practically rents billboards to broadcast our children's accomplishments. Our Christmas cards sing the praises of our friend's children (rather than oh, say, the Baby Jesus). Heck, in the suburbs, "student of the month" bumper stickers cover cars like Turtle Wax.

But this group was at least polite and knew that bragging is still considered declasse, if not downright rude. But without their boasts, my point would be lost.

At last, one mom obliged with a proud but general statement that her son is a terrific lacrosse player.

Game on.

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