Do Your Children Believe that They Are God's Gift to You?

Almost every Christian knows Psalm 127:3 which says that children are a gift, a heritage from God. Few would disagree. But practically speaking, how many of our children believe they are God's gift to their parents? Schedules, grades, behavioral concerns, homework and household chores can cloud the perception of being a gift. Then, of course, there are pressures parents face: financial issues, home and car maintenance, issues at work, relational struggles, problems at church, appointments, school schedules, etc. In the midst of all this day-to-day turmoil rejoicing in the blessing of children can slip from view. Take a moment to consider that perhaps one reason for your child's daily struggles may come from his uncertainty about whether you truly view him as a blessing in which you delight.

On any given day would your children functionally believe that they are a blessing to you and that you delight in them? Don't misunderstand, failing to discipline and teach your children is not an option. But neither is having them believe they are not a blessing to you. Even in discipline they must be secure in the reality that you delight in them.

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