Why Your Children Need Confidence

Imagine if Jesus had said to Satan, "I'm not sure," or "I will have to think about it," when he was tempted. Of if Joseph had told Potiphar's wife, "Let's talk about this." Or if David had said to Goliath, "We must be tolerant of each other's religion." Jesus, Joseph, and David confidently, boldly confronted temptations. Confidence in God's truth is something you can't do without. Otherwise, temptations will overwhelm and ensnare you and your children. Lack of confidence in God's truth will make your teenagers sitting ducks for the attacks of Satan and the world.

Solomon's reason for writing the Proverbs was so that young people could live life confidently, knowing and following what God wanted them to do (Proverbs 1:1-7). He believed that it was possible, even mandatory, that youths could gain wisdom, insight and prudence. He wanted them to be courageous thinkers and doers. He knew that their lives depended upon loving wisdom more than loving folly. He knew that a lack of confidence in God's wisdom would destroy them.

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