Christian Husbands Suffer First

"Why is it always on us?" The leader of the wives' study group looked at Lisa and me, explaining that after reading numerous books on marriage, it always seemed to come down to the wives being the ones to set the relationship right.

As a group, these women had read over half a dozen books on marriage. At best, their husbands had started maybe one or two.

The simple answer to this woman's sincere, honest and fair question is that we men aren't acting like Christian husbands. If we would meditate on what love, Jesus style, truly means as it applies to our marriages and families, we'd see how we may not be the great husbands that we think we are.

Paul tells husbands to love our wives as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25). To love as Christ loved is to be the initiator as Christ is the initiator in His relationship with the church. We were estranged from God, but Jesus came from on high to bring us back. He didn't wait for the church to approach Him. He didn’t expect that the bride, as the "relational" one, would be more invested in the relationship and plead with Him to come back.

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