Colugos: Soaring Above Expectations

You might think the colugo (ka-LOO-go) of Southeast Asia is a clumsy creature — well, maybe at first glance. On the ground, these odd, squirrel-like creatures seem to flop and jump along with the awkwardness of a baby bird. They also make climbing a tree look like a laborious process, which involves scraping at the bark with sharp claws and then hopping up quickly on their tiny paws. You get exhausted just watching them. But once they've reached high into the canopy of the rainforest — the place where they belong — something amazing happens. These clumsy ground-walkers take to the air in an elegant display of aerodynamics. They glide like no other mammal on earth and prove, once again, that our ingenious Creator knows how to surprise us.

The "Flying Lemur" That Isn't

With their huge eyes and small heads, colugos have also been called "flying lemurs." But that name proves false on both accounts.

First, they're not related to the furry lemurs found on the island of Madagascar. The two species of this tree-dwelling creature have little in common with lemurs or other primates. For example, they have claws instead of nails, no opposable thumb, and smaller brains compared to their body size.

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