Combatting a Constant Threat

Safety and security in the twenty-first century is more complicated than ever. In a terrifying new world of terrorism and cyber war, the threats are not just on the battlefield or countered with soldiers and guns. It's often hard to separate foe from friend. Our body experiences similar but vastly more complex challenges every day. And it has done so ever since Adam fell into sin approximately six thousand years ago. We may be impressed by the latest developments in counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and counterespionage, promoted by Homeland Security and Cyber Command. But they don't begin to match the know-how of the human body, which God designed to help us, even in the challenging world since the Fall.

These systems are up and running minute by minute, 24 hours a day, surveying our bodies for foreign invaders and following a series of pre-thought-out plans to protect us from ever-changing, life-threatening infections. We don’t have to supervise them — or even understand how they work — for them to be effective. Even with our latest technology, we're still trying to unravel the secrets of this incredibly designed system that should be a constant reminder of God's mercy.

Ever-Changing Threats

It is estimated that five billion different types of foreign agents are floating through the air, land, and sea, capable of entering our bodies and wreaking havoc at any time. Your own body is covered with ten thousand species of bacteria at any one time, totaling some 100 trillion individuals, though most are harmless. Every day, along with the air you breathe and the nutrients you ingest, you take in thousands of germs and potentially hazardous chemicals.

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