Corrosion on the Inside

corrodedinsidemainMy wife came running up the stairs, yelling, "There's water in the basement -- it's spraying everywhere!"

It was one of those times when I wish I had a "Life" remote and could push pause.

Everything in those words was on the other side of good.

Although, in the end, it could have been much worse. Thankfully, we found it early and have a most awesome plumber friend who rushed over even though the "big" game was about to start.

After we got the well pump turned off and the storage tank and house lines drained, he began to take the plumbing pieces apart around the source of the problem. The culprit was a connecting piece of pipe that was literally "eaten up" with corrosion. You can see in the picture that the only thing left was the strand of threads. The entire wall of the pipe was eaten away.

It was a disaster that just waiting to happen.

I have thanked the Lord over and over again that He spared us the depth of what could have been had we been out of town or just not gone downstairs for several days. The pipe was "rotten" for a long time and we just didn't know it.

For some reason, whether it is the Lord or my own deep concern, I have not been able to get the current financial situation of our nation off of my mind and heart.

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