The Courage to Change the Things I Can

Picking up the phone, I heard Michael's voice on the other end, "I got an interesting call," he said. "I just got off the phone with your doctor." That was odd since I had just been to their office that afternoon. Did they forget to tell me something? Did I leave something behind?

"Uh huh?" I replied. "What did they want?"

"They said that they spoke with you this afternoon, and the doctor didn't feel like you had a grasp on the situation. They thought that perhaps you didn't realize the gravity of your condition."

The heat rose in my face as I listened to his words. Clearly Michael agreed with the choices I had made, so why couldn’t they?

"Your baby," the doctor said, "if he makes it to term–will likely have Down's Syndrome."

I was okay with that. But by the time I talked to Michael, Spina Bifida had also been discussed as a strong possibility.

"Spina Bifida?" I gasped with one hand over my mouth. I wasn't prepared for that. Life hadn't prepared me for any of this...

Even so, the choices were clear-cut for us. Children are a blessing from God. Period.

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