The Courage to Pray for Something More

It is easy to pray for good things. We want our loved ones to be healthy and safe. We desire for our country to turn to God in repentance. It is good to pray that our children will come to know and love Christ more deeply. These are good things. But do we have the courage to pray for something more? I think we sell God short in our prayers when we only ask for things that seem to good to us. In the prayer of our Lord, Christ gives us something better to ask for: he asks that God's kingdom will come and that his will be done.


This request requires trust in God. This is a request for God to do things beyond what I can ask or imagine. This request redefines my expectation of what is good. It boldly proclaims that God has better plans for my life than I do. When you and I pray this prayer we don’t fully know what this might mean for our lives.

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