Covenant Keepers Win!

Throughout the history of the world, God's covenant people have liberated barbaric lands from tyranny and directed them to faith in God. This is no accident. It is a self-evident truth of history. Covenant keepers win and covenant breakers lose. The saga of nations confirms this fact. From Patrick who brought the liberating Gospel of Christ to Ireland, to Columba who converted the Scots, to Aiden who reached the Anglo-Saxons, to Boniface who converted the French and Germanic tribes, to William Bradford who brought the true Light to the forgotten continent of North America — good has continued to triumph over evil.

In our moment in time the Light has receded from its former glory — but only temporarily. Most people in the West seem to be convinced that secular humanism will forever be in the ascendency. Fear not! Secular humanism and its worship of man as the measure of all things, will fail like all other futile attempts to replace God and His plan for His world.

Bojidar Marinov, a missionary to Europe, echoes the belief in the power of Christ's loving kingdom over all others. Marinov was raised in Bulgaria during the collapse of Communism and the Soviet Union. His insightful words below reveal his unique perspective on the pending demise of secular humanism in America.

"The system of secular humanism in the United States today is collapsing under its own weight. One hundred years ago it was young, vibrant, resourceful, optimistic in its assault against traditional Christianity. Today it rather resembles the last days of the Roman Empire; or the last days of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe.

Politically, it is losing the battle. For many years secular humanists have worked to shift the focus of the political debate from the moral issues of Christianity to the pragmatic issues in the secular "right vs. left" paradigm. And indeed, for a couple of decades the Christian heritage in American politics was nowhere to be seen. But it is back again. Pro-life is a badge of honor for politicians these days. Even those who aren't pro-life are trying to fake it in order to win votes. No politician these days in America dares declare publicly "I am an atheist." They are either sincere believers, or at least fake some kind of religion.

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