Covenant Keepers Win – Covenant Breakers Lose

Today in America, secular humanism is collapsing under its own weight. Bestselling author Dinesh DeSouza exposes the myth of secularization in his book, What’s So Great about Christianity? He documents how secularism has lost its credibility and is “going the way of Zeus and Baal.” He boldly proclaims that “Christianity is winning and secularism is losing” and that “God is the future, and atheism is on its way out.”

In the last century, secular humanism became the dominant worldview in America. Even the Supreme Court declared secular humanism to be a religion in the 1961 case of Torcaso vs. Watkins. Ironically, the Court a¬rms the elimination of other religions from the classrooms using the mantra “separation of church and state.” However, it allows humanism to remain as the only “State sanctioned” religion permitted in the public schools.

Covenant Breakers Lose Secular humanism is the latest manifestation of all religions throughout history that are at war with the God of the Bible. In 1536, King Henry VIII exposed his hatred for God when he had William Tyndale burned at the stake for the heinous crime of translating the Bible into common English. A few years later, Henry was persuaded by his new Christian wife, Anne Boleyn, that he needed a Bible of his own. He had 6,000 copies of the Bible placed in churches throughout England, not knowing that it was Tyndale’s work. This murderous tyrant had unknowingly placed a divine time bomb under his own throne and those of the “divine right” of kings throughout Europe.

In 1792, Robespierre declared the end of the monarchy in France and attempted to set up a new humanistic state religion to replace Christianity. As an expression of his hatred for God he had the king and his family killed, beheaded 40,000 of his countrymen, and drown hundreds of clergymen in the Seinne River. Two years later, Robespierre’s head fell from the Guillotine into a pail with the curses of the people of Paris in his ears.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler declared before a watching world that the Third Reich would rule the earth for 1,000 years. Six years later he brought on World War II and the death of 40 million people worldwide. In April 1945, Hitler shot and killed his mistress and put a bullet through his head in a bunker in Berlin as his nation lay in rubble.

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