Dads: To Control or to Serve, You Can’t Do Both

Attempting to control the lives of other people is to live the life of a fool. Only God is in control. Humans who ignore this truth are in deep trouble. Dictators may look like they have control, but then it is lost in a heartbeat. Others try to control by kindness or deference, these leaders too, can be overcome with swiftness. Simply put, control doesn't work. Controlling people is not an effective form of leadership. Sadly, too many fathers believe that being in authority means being in control. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As in all things, Jesus Christ is the perfect example.

Jesus was totally aware and reliant upon his Father's control. In the desert, Satan tried to tempt Christ into using his authority to take control of his own life and others. Jesus would have none of it! He submitted himself to the word and power of his Father.

Christ exercised his authority on earth by being a servant. Dads, if you want to follow Christ's example, you will become a servant to those entrusted to your care. This is not a being a menial servant, but a servant to their souls. By following Christ's example, Dads have the opportunity to invest themselves in those they love, for their good and God’s honor. This means really knowing your wife and kids. Your job is not to control them but to love them, listen to them and bring Christ to them. In short, to serve them. Is your family convinced that your priority is to be a blessing to them or are they looking at you as someone who wants to be in control and in charge?

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