Dads, You Have to Love Them to Lead Them

Families rise and fall on the leadership of parents. One important factor in the health and success of a family is the character of the father. Dads play a critical role in the spiritual formation and moral development of their children. Moms play many critical roles as well, and single moms have to find ways to engender deep convictions and character in the absence of a consistent father figure, but this blog post is targeting the father’s role. Christian parenting is both the easiest and hardest type of leadership. Let me explain. It is easy because we have someone to imitate, we have a compelling message, and we have opportunities to be equipped and empowered to lead well. It is hard because we are still fallen creatures; many of us have not had good role models, and then there are our three arch enemies the devil, the flesh, and the world.

I want to share five secrets to success for fathers to be effective in loving and leading their families:

1. Love Christ more than your family (Revelation 2:4)

This may seem a bit paradoxical at first. We hear "Put family first!", or "Give your family your best, not your leftovers!" Most of us would agree that sounds and seems right, but most of us would admit we are failing at any consistent attempts to do that. The consistency comes when your spiritual disciplines become habits. When you give God the worship due Him first you get everything else in the right priority. Make your marriage or your kids the idol of your life and you will eventually fail miserably.

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