Date Your Wife: 6 Suggestions for Leading with Love

Husbands, remember the extravagant things you did to impress the woman who is now your wife. Remember the thought and energy you put into planning dates to be romantic and fun. Was that a dream? Was that a former life? Now that you have a busy job, church and community commitments, and young kids, planning a romantic and fun date with your wife maybe be one of the furthest things from your mind.

It's true there are different seasons of life. Dating your wife will look different depending on the season you're in. But the attentiveness and intentionality should never go away. One of my favorite writers (my wife) gives this simple and helpful definition for date night:

If you only imagine a date night to be dining at a five-star restaurant, hiring an expensive babysitter, and heading to the theater for a Broadway show, very few of us would ever be able to go! But what if we defined "date night" by having intentional time with your spouse (without your children!)?

This is an area in which we as husbands can grow to be more loving and sacrificial leaders. And as we do, our marriages will grow stronger and sweeter.

God's word calls you to love your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her (Ephesians 5:25). This is one facet of your relationship where you can live that out.

Here are six specific ways you can take the lead in making those intentional times together a reality — and a joy.

1. Rest

To have intentional time with your wife, it's best that you both be awake and alert. I know that's hard to come by when you have young kids. So one thing you can do as a husband is make sacrifices for your wife's sleep.

If you can get up with the crying baby at night, or give your wife some down time in the early evening by cleaning up after dinner or putting the kids to bed, that will make your intentional times together more meaningful. Exhaustion is a common hurdle, especially for moms.

What can you do to bear some more of that burden?

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