Debunking 5 Myths About Marriage

Some days I hear great things about marriage. I hear about couples in love, I read about men who cherish their wives, and I see women respecting their husbands. And then there are days -- too many to count -- when the media spreads a cloak of darkness over the subject. Husbands are mocked, wives are ridiculed, and marriage is slammed. It makes you wonder what young people are thinking when they hear things like, "Marriage: You better start drinking now. It only gets worse from here." That's bleak. When you consider that marriage is a union ordained by God, then you know that it's got to be better than that. And it is. And after 25 years, I'm here to confirm that it's good and to debunk the myths that surround us.

Myth: Marriage Makes People Miserable.

Fact: Whether you're married or not, insensitive people make us feel miserable. But those who are committed to making their marriage work are also committed to communicating with their spouse and making the other person happy. Michael goes out of his way to brighten my day. He brings home surprises, he calls me from work just to see how I'm doing, and he spends time having fun with me in the evenings. There’s nothing miserable about that.

Myth: Sex After Marriage is Lousy.

Fact: It's true that intimacy can be difficult when a couple is busy with new-found responsibilities such as caring for a new baby, BUT there's nothing like making love to someone who knows what you like and how you like it. When you've been with the same person for 25 years, you connect on an entirely different level. You know each other more intimately than two people possibly can, and you know how to make your spouse tick.

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