"Decorate a Vet" Brings Holiday Cheer

decoratevetlargeSometimes acting on an idea is all it takes to be a part of a blessing. A business man in Northern Virginia knows all about that.

His volunteer project is bringing Christmas cheer to veterans and their families, one decoration at a time.

A group of young volunteers gathered on a chilly December morning at a townhouse in Falls Church, Va., with boxes full of holiday decorations, lights, and two Christmas trees.

The home belongs to Tony Kennedy and his wife, Sylvia Lagarda.

Kennedy is a 15-year veteran of the United States Army and the Marines. He fought in the Iraq war.

Since leaving the military, Kennedy has spent his time advocating for veterans. He's not used to being on the receiving end of service, but he is now, thanks to a volunteer project called Decorate A Vet.

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