Defining Values Seen Necessary

worldviewmainDo you know the favorite Bible verse of those who don't believe in the Bible's authority? It's not hard. The favorite is, "Judge not, that you be not judged."

These folks cannot tell you where this verse is in the Bible, or the context, because they don't read it. But they have heard it is in the scriptures somewhere, so if they don't like something you say when you pronounce something right or wrong, they whip out Matthew 7:1 and that is supposed to be the end of the discussion. One of the problems is if you tell someone they have no right to judge someone else you have thereby judged them for judging. That makes you a hypocrite. But that then begs the question: Why is it wrong to be a hypocrite? Presuppositions need a foundation to be authoritative. For example, the teachings of Jesus Christ are authoritative for those who believe he is the son of God.

Each one of us has a worldview on which we base our lives -- presuppositions we operate under. Because of our country's Christian heritage most Americans, either consciously or subconsciously, derive their presuppositions about life and morality from the Bible.

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