Who Has Despised the Day of Small Things?

Recently my pastor blogged about this question from Zechariah 4:10: "Who has despised the day of small things?" If you've read Zechariah, you've probably read right past those words without giving them another thought. I know I have. But "small things" or "small beginnings" is something we can all relate to. Although it's sometimes hard to focus on future growth when we're in the midst of small beginnings, we must remember that God works in great ways through things that appear to be small and insignificant to man.

What's your "small beginning?" A job, a relationship, a project? Maybe it's the beginning of recovery in health or from addiction? Or perhaps it's the small beginning of a glimmer of hope in trials and tribulation. Whatever it is remember the Lord, and His mighty works and His faithfulness to you in your circumstances. Then ask yourself the question that God spoke to the prophet Zechariah.

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