Developing a Biblical Worldview

We live in a constantly changing world. Morals, values, and even truth shifts on the shaky fault line of our culture. Whatever one feels in the moment is the deciding factor in determining what is true, right, and good. As believers living in such an environment it can be confusing, disconcerting, and even a bit frightening. And what about our children? How do we teach them right from wrong when there is no standard of truth in our world today? How do we provide them a steady foundation for life? How do we teach them how to make wise decisions amid all the competing voices and clamor of the world around them?

We give them a biblical worldview.

A Biblical Worldview

Everyone has a worldview, a system by which they make sense of the world. Everyone. Our worldview explains who we are, how we got here, and the purpose for our life. A person's worldview effects and influences everything they do. It is like the glasses they wear to see the world around them. If their glasses are tinted red, everything they see will have a rosy haze.

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