Did Adam Step on an Ant Before the Fall?

Often Christians, pastors, and theologians who try to fit millions of years into Genesis 1 object to a literal, recent six-day creation by arguing, "So Adam never stepped on an ant in the Garden of Eden? That can't be true. There had to be death before sin." But is such an objection valid? Aside from the possibility that ants, and other insects, are not even alive in the biblical sense, the question to ask first is why the idea of death before sin is so important that the accidental death of an ant would be an objection.

The issue of death before sin is significant because it's a question of biblical authority and because the idea undermines the very foundation of the gospel. If we take God at His Word, it is abundantly clear that death, and this would include animal death, is the consequence and byproduct of sin and was not part of the original creation. Here are just a sampling of verses that clearly make this point.

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